5 Drummerszone artists - Nick D`Virgilio

Nick D`Virgilio
United States
There aren’t many drummers out there that are as busy as Nick D’Virgilio. With his ability to adapt to any situation, Nick is constantly in demand. 2004 has already seen the release of a DVD/CD combo with Nick’s project, NDV, which was an acoustic tour accompanied by guitarist Rick Musallam, recorded in 2003.

Another offering from the Mike Keneally band, “Dog,” with Nick on drums, was released in Spring of 2004. Nick also toured with Tears for Fears that year.

2003 found Nick playing drums on Spock’s Beard‘s release of “Feel Euphoria (released trough Inside Out Music) and also, “A Fair Forgery”, a Pink Floyd Tribute album. Nick can also be heard on sessions that he has done for Genesis, Tears for Fears, Sheryl Crow and Manhattan Transfer.

Nick D’Virgilio has also done sessions for movies and television such as, “Clueless,” “US Marshals,” and “Mad About You.” Touring-wise, Nick has worked with Fates Warning, Tears for Fears, Spock’s Beard and Eric Bourdon among others. When it comes to drumming, Nick never stops working!

In Spock’s Beard Nick D’Virgilio delivers lead vocals, drums and percussion, guitar, bass, programming and a wee bit of keys. Nick:
"Also if I feel really ambitious I will take out my trumpet that I played in Jr. High school and try to play. Except after about 5 minutes my lips swell up so much that you can't see my face anymore. I used to be able to rock Herb Albert tunes like it was nobody's business. Maybe my lips were not so big then :)"
He names Genesis, Zeppelin, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Kevin Gilbert, Miles Davis, Louie Prima as musical influences.