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Fates Warning formed in Hartford, Connecticut in 1982. Initially called Misfit, the original line-up of Fates Warning consisted of vocalist John Arch, Jim Matheos and Victor Arduini on guitar, Joe DiBiase on bass and Steve Zimmerman behing the drumkit.

After a couple of early demos the band were invited to contribute a track ("Soldier Boy") to the Metal Massacre V compilation, released on Metal Blade Records in 1984. The label immediately signed the band to a long-term recording agreement and released the debut album, entitled "Night On Brocken", in the same year. The album was very reminiscent of early Iron Maiden, both in the compositions and Arch's vocal style.

"The Spectre Within" followed in 1985, but shortly after its release guitarist Arduini left the band to be replaced by Frank Aresti. "Awaken The Guardian" showed the band's music to be more progressive and complex than first impressions had suggested.

However, vocalist John Arch was unhappy with the musical direction that Fates Warning had begun to pursue and left, but was soon replaced by Ray Alder, whose voice was better suited to the material. This was most noticeable on "No Exit". Released in 1988, it was widely recognized as the band's finest work to date, partially thanks to producer Max Norman, who strove for a clean, Queensrÿche-like sound. Soon after its release, drummer Steve Zimmerman left the band to be replaced by Mark Zonder.

"Perfect Symmetry" was released in 1989 after the band had completed a couple of rather uneasy European tours. The result was an album that in some places sounded orchestral in its arrangements, and featured Dream Theater keyboard player Kevin Moore as a guest musician.

With the next album "Parallels", released in 1991, the band returned to their earlier techno-pomp metal influences. It was well received by the press, who were beginning to acknowledge a band who had a lot to offer and deserved more recognition than had previously been awarded them.

Matheos released a solo album in 1993, following which the band returned with Inside Out. By 1996 Aresti and DiBiase had left the band, with seasoned player Joey Vera (ex-Armored Saint) taking over bass duties. The following year's "A Pleasant Shade Of Grey", eschewing the more compact style of the previous two releases, was comprised of a single 50 minute track. That same year Frank Aresti and Joe DiBiase left Fates Warning.

1998 gave birth to "Still Life", the long awaited live 2 CD set featuring the complete "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" album on disc one and tracks from other albums on disc two.

Kevin Moore and Joey Vera returned once more to add to a wonderful recording in 2000, resulting in "Disconnected".

Early 2004 Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder plays on the first solo album of Hammerfall singer Joacim Cans. When Zonder announces he wishes to persue other interests, the band recruit Nick D’Virgilio for their European tour in 2005.
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