5 Drummerszone artists - Chris Adler

Chris Adler
* November 23, 1972
United States
Chris Adler (Washington, DC, 1972) started playing drums in 1994. Curently he plays drums in Lamb of God.

With a symmetrical precision, an intriguing musicality and an undeniable assult, Chris assumes his position as the rhythmic overlord of Lamb of God's music. Ear-piercing bells, sizzling splashes and trashy china's punctuate Chris Adler's flamboyant yet economic time-keeping. Their first album, "New American Gospel" put them on the map. Their second album, "As the Palaces Burn" made believers out of all. Their third and most recent release, "Ashes of the Wake" has brought them to the forefront of heavy metal, making them a true contender for the genre's crown.

What distinguishes Chris Adler from so many other double kick metal drummers is his unorthodox mixture of tom and cymbal work, and his desire to push his drumming beyond the typical double bass thunderstorm that characterizes so much extreme and power metal today. Songs from their recent fourth album Sacrament, like Walk With Me Through Hell and Descending, are characterized by rhythmic shifts and a constantly changing mixture of tom fills, cymbal crashes and double bass beats. Chris Adler works with as wide a palette of sounds as he can with a kit that comprises a hi-hat, X-Hat, snare, four toms, two double bass drums and 14 cymbals.

When asked why he is such a big cymbal man, Chris Adler replies, I think its all those different flavors. Its not that I sit around and pitch cymbals in hopes of matching guitar notes or any kind of rhyme or reason necessarily, other than having different sounds and being able to add a different flavor. A cymbal beat with a different type of cymbal is not like creating something brand new, but adding those nuances and those different little flavors just adds something special to the listening experience.