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Hans Eijkenaar
* July 18, 1963
The Netherlands
Hans Eijkenaar is one of the most famous session drummers in The Netherlands. He was born in Schiedam on July 18th, 1963. Hans started playing percussion in the broadest sense of the term at the age of twelve, already knewing this was the thing to do in his life.

First he took lessons at the music school Van Oosterhout with teacher Toon Oome, followed by the Conservatory of Rotterdam where he received lessons from Jan Hartong, Cees Slinger, Fred Krens among others.

Due to his busy schedule of playing and recording, Hans Eijkenaar decided to depart after a couple of years. After years of numerous jam sessions, tours and bands (mostly jazz), Hans slowly shifted to pop and rock through countless recording jobs in the studio as session drummer.

Artists Hans Eijkenaar has played with:

Woody Shaw, Bill Hardman, Junior Cook, Dee Daniels, Toots Thielemans, Michiel Borstlap, Hans Dulfer, Ferdinand Povel, Bart van Lier, Hein vd gein, Peter Guidi, Toon Roos, Karel Boehlee, Mike del Ferro, Thijs van Leer, Jimmy Haslip (The Yellow Jackets), Pat withheney en vele anderen.

Candy Dulfer, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Angela Groothuizen, Robby Valentine, Rick de Vito, Rob de Nijs, Hans de Booy, Jody Pijper, Dilana Smith, Rob Janssen, Nadieh, Hans Dulfer, Valensia, Gordon, Rene Froger, Herman Brood, Barry Hay, Dana Winner, Anouk, Meg, E-life en vele anderen.

"YOUNG SOULS"-tour (1990/'91) with Angela and The Rude
"SHAKE AWAKE"-tour (1991/'92) with Robby Valentine
"SAX a GO-GO"-worldtour" (1992/'93) with Candy Dulfer
"BIG BOY"-worldtour (1994/'98) with Hans Dulfer
"KOSMOS FAR EAST TOUR" (October 1996) with Valensia (Japan only)
"HOME AGAIN TOUR" (1998/'99) with Rene Froger
"CRAZY WAY TOUR" (1999/2000) with Rene Froger
"WONDERFOOL TOUR" (2000/2001) with Dilana Smith
"ANOUK FESTIVAL TOUR" (2001) with Anouk
"RENE FROGER ON LINE TOUR" (2001/2002) with Rene Froger
"E-life CLUBTOUR" (2002/2003) with rapper E-life
"ANOUK FESTIVAL TOUR"(2003) with Anouk
"TRIJNTJE CLUB TOUR" (2003) with Trijntje Oosterhuis
"TRIJNTJE THEATER TOUR" (2004) with Trijntje Oosterhuis