Barend Courbois
* July 13, 1967
The Netherlands
Solo Artist
Barend Courbois born on July 13th 1967, as the son of the veteran jazz drummer and Bird Award winner Sir Pierre Courbois.

He was influenced by bass-players like: Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Doug Wimbish, Marcus Miller, Geddy Lee (Rush), Steve Harris and Herman Deinum (Barend’s Dutch bassgod).

In 1976 Barend started to play the bassguitar (he also played the drums and the Scottish bagpipes). In 1979 Barend played his first concert.

From 1981 until 1984 Barend studied at the school of music in Arnhem. In this period he started to play in local bands such as U-gene, Scary Harry band, Treason, Fitzkin and Lancer.

Between 1984 and 1988 Barend joined bands in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Some of these bands were Hammerhead, Barracuda and Monroe.

From 1988 until 1990 Barend played in the new band of Ian Parry (Elegy) and Jos Zoomer (Vandenberg), Perfect Strangers..

In 1990 Barend setup a new band together with the Whistler brothers, (Cyril: guitar, sitar and violin, Jusso: drums, percussion and samples, Barend: 4,5,6 string, fretless and double bass (contrabass in Dutch). This band was logically named Whistler-Courbois-Whistler (W.C.W). This instrumental trio competed in 1991 in the "Grote prijs van Nederland’’ (Big award for Dutch bands). In the category bands, W.C.W won the 3rd prize and Barend himself gained the singular award of "Best bass player of The Netherlands". They also had the first Van Halen Tributeband in Holland with Fred "David Lee" Pieters, named Bottom’s Up .

In 1992, Barend recorded 2 albums with the Hungarian neo classical guitarist Tamas Szekeres in Budapest. Barend also played with an traditional Greek orchestra

Whistler-Courbois-Whistler toured through the Benelux to promote their latest album.
Barend did a European tour with Jasper van ‘t Hof’s Pili Pili.

From 1993 until 1995 Barend toured/recorded amongst others, with the Jan Somers Band, Kill City Rebel, Tamas Szekeres, Courhof (a trio together with his father Sir Pierre Courbois and Jasper van’t Hof) and Skunk-a-Delic (support act Whitesnake).

In 1993 he did the ‘Secret Gig’ with Adrian Vandenberg (Whitesnake) with Jos Zoomer (Vandenberg) and Ben Holman (Gin on the Rocks vocalist). Barend started giving the annual bass demos for Warwick bassguitars and the Digitech Whammy pedal at the music trade shows in the Ahoy hall Rotterdam.
In 1995 Barend headlined "the bass is the boss" festival in his hometown Arnhem .

From August 1995 upon may 1997 Barend was a member of the Bert Heerink band (former leadsinger of Vandenberg). A couple of the many highlights where: the Dutch Hits Festival (60.000 people), the Waalkade Nijmegen (40.000 people) and number 3 in the Dutch Top 40 (which brought countless TV appearances).Another highlight was a big theatre tour in 1997, this tour was played in all the famous theatres in Holland.

1995: played with Michael Voss (Guitar/Voc.Bonfire,Casanova) and Jos Zoomer (Drums.Vandenberg) in the German band "Demon Drive"
1996 Barend recorded his first solo CD, titled: "Tunes for a friend".
1996 He won the ''Gelderse Composers Award" in the Luxor Theatre in Arnhem,and giving bass demo’s for Hartke Amps/Van der End basses

In that period that Barend was asked to be part of the Dutch rhythm section at "the Jimi Hendrix Music Festival Tour ". There he played along with great guitar players such as Walter Trout and Michael lee Firkins.
In May 1997 Barend started playing with the renewed Dutch top hard rock band Vengeance.
In 1997 Barend also played a couple of concerts with his own Barend Courbois band, one of these (a double bill with the Tony McAlpine Band at the Paradiso Amsterdam) was pronounced as being one of the five best concerts in 1997 by the Dutch music magazine OOR. In 1997 he also played in the Paradiso Amsterdam at the "Jason Becker Charity Concert together with a/o. Zakk Wylde (Ozzy) and Andreas Kisser (Sepultura). 1998 there was a touring project from Chis Caffery (Savatage), Mike Terrana (Malmsteen, McAlpine) and John West (Lynchmob, Badlandsl) called "The American Rock Live". They played songs from Savatage, Malmsteen, Lynchmob, Purple, Rainbow and new material from Chris and John.

Benelux tour with Tamas Szekeres and Mike Terrana.Then Vengeance started their "Rock and Roll Shower ’98/99 tour" and became the first band to perform in Tilburg’s newest and biggest concert venue "013".
On the 21st of November, Barend gave a Masterclass at the Dutch musicians day ’98 at the Melkweg in Amsterdam (with a Peter Boekholt bass). Later that day he was a member of the jury of the "Grote Prijs van Nederland".
Barend did a Benelux tour with American guitarplayer Joe Stump

In 1999 Barend continues with Vengeance’s "Rock and Roll Shower tour" until the summer
Barend gave bass demo’s / solo concerts in the south of France, the Dutch Metal Hammer day (for Boekholt basses) at the Maaspoort hall Den Bosch and at the opening of Paul’s BassMaters (a new bass store in Nijmegen Holland). He also toured with "Somers-Courbois-Thissen" an instrumental heavy-jazz rock trio with Jan Somers (Guitar- and Superfriend) and Paul Thissen (Vengeance’s drummer).
In Oct/Nov Ian Parry’s Consortium project CD was released worldwide.

At the beginning of 2000 Barend did some radio and TV promotion shows with Bert Heerink,
Futher that year he played with Vengeance, Barend Courbois-Jan Somers band
December 2000 Barend has joined the worlds no. 1 AC/DC Tribute band "Action in DC".

Since August 2001 Barend is officially pronounced as a famous Dutchman ("bekende Nederlander"). Take a look at
Barend has been asked to join Maxima, the new Heavy metal funkband of John Hayes (Mothers Finest) and Paul Thissen (Vengeance).
Barend has got a new endorsement with his favorite bass en string company Spector basses, and D'addario Strings

Feb 24 2002 The Spector Bass Clinic at the Guitar Day in Groesbeek Holland.

March 24th, Barend participated in the Jaco Pastorius Tribute day. On that day he played together with 49 other bassplayers; they performed one of Jaco's masterpieces "Portrait of Tracy".
Sept 5. He opened the new season of the Rock Academy in Tilburg Holland with 2 bass demonstrations.
Nov.2002 Barend played bass on the new recording of BISS(B-I-S-S.) with German guitar hero Doc Heyne , Producer/Song Writer Michael Voss (Barfly Music) , Lead Singer Michael Bormann (a.o.Jaded Heart) and Drummer and close friend Jos Zoomer (a.o.Vandenberg). Released Feb. 2003
Dec.2002 rehearsel in Germany with Mike Tramps "White Lion" for the upcoming Astralian and Indonisian tour (Feb 17th until Apr.5th 2003)

The sponsor withdrew themselves from financing the tour, which was very dissaponting for Barend concerning all the effort he put into it (see press page)

Feb. 9 2003 For the second year a Bass clinic for Spector Basses at the Groesbeek Guitar Day

For the rest of the bio see the news page

Barend worked amongst others with:

  • Thijs van Leer (Focus)
  • Jasper van 't Hof
  • Walter Trout
  • Gary Barden (MIchael Schenker Group)
  • Michael Lee Firkins
  • Michael Voss (Bonfire, Casanova)
  • John Hayes (Mother's Finest)
  • Michael Eurich (Warlock, Casanova)
  • Steve Fister (Lita Ford, Pat Travers)
  • Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society)
  • Nick Catanese (Black Label Society)
  • Andreas Kisser (Sepultura)
  • Popa Chubby
  • Omar Dykes (Omar and the Howlers)
  • Jan Somers (Vengeance, Backbone)
  • Kaz Lux (Brainbox)
  • Joe Stump
  • Tamas Szekeres
  • Adrian van den Berg (Whitesnake)
  • Patricia Balrak (Candy Dulfer)
  • Malando Gassama (Al Jarreau)
  • Bert Heerink (Vandenberg)
  • Ian Parry (Perfect Strangers, Elegy)
  • Hans Dulfer
  • Leon Goewie (Vengeance)
  • Leen Barbier (Turbo, No Excuse)
  • Rene Merkelbach (Gorefest)
  • Edwin Baloch (Tamas Szekeres)
  • Bobby van de Bergh (Candy Dulfer)
  • Andrew Elt (Sleez Beez,Walter Trout)
  • Chris Caffery (Savatage)
  • John West (Lynchmob, Badlands)
  • Mike Tramp (White Lion)
  • Dion Murdock (Mother's Finest, Macy Gray)
  • Peter Verschuren (Vengeance, Lana Lane)
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