5 Drummerszone artists - Zach Danziger

Zach Danziger
United States
Zach Danzinger is on the cutting edge of today’s music, one of the hottest young players leading a new movement that has broad implications for modern drumset playing. Only in his twenties, with two co-led projects, Bluth and Boomish, Zach is pioneering a futuristic mix of electronic music and astonishing musicianship that retains its human touch. Immersing himself in jungle, drum 'n' bass, and other contemporary styles, Zach recently teamed up with Zildjian to create Zildjian’s Re-Mix cymbal line, which allows Zach to combine acoustic and electronic approaches to drumming at the very highest level.

Emerging from the heart of New York's experimental music scene, Zach has recorded in a wide variety of musical genres with such highly acclaimed musicians including Michel Camilo, Chuck Loeb, Randy Brecker, Leni Stern, Bob Mintzer, David Holmes, Jim Beard, Bill Evans, and Dave Fiuczynski. In addition, Zach has co-written the music to a four-hour special on Nickelodeon entitled Nickellennium.

Boomish, Zach Danziger and Tim Lefebvre’s latest contemporary music group, delivers much-needed freshness and originality to the growing drum 'n' bass scene. Zach’s programming and uncanny ability to recreate and expand sounds in a live setting really brings Boomish into a whole other realm of contemporary music. Their debut album features both programmed and live tracks.

Yet another project which Zach has been busy working with is a group by the name of Bluth. Bluth is an original effort to defy the listener’s expectations. It is a creative new exploration of uncharted territories incorporating, jazz, ambient, jungle, and hip hop, touching on dance-house, funk, and rock fusion along the way.

It is clear that Zach Danziger will continue to challenge traditional music making methods in the interest of advancing music. Zach is not only a cutting edge player but also a true musical innovator.

Zach Danziger plays additional drums on U2's singles Stuck In A Moment / You Can't Get Out Of and Elevation (2001).