5 Drummerszone artists - Marco Minnemann

Marco Minnemann
* December 24, 1970
Germany, United States
German Drummer Marco Minnemann was born in 1970 and started playing drums at the early age of seven. When he was thirteen he was hired to play his first tour as a professional drummer. Later on, Frank Zappa's music became his biggest influence and he started to take lessons from drummer Abbey Raidar (Blood, Sweat and Tears). Later on Marco joined several major German acts like the crossover band "Freaky Fuckin' Weirdoz", rocksinger "Nina Hagen", fusionband "The Kick", and the very successful crossover band "H-Blockx". Marco joined this latter band in 1997, replacing initial drummer Mason (real name: Johann-Christoph Maass) but departing in 1999. He was replaced by Steffen Wilmking. During 1997-1999, Marco and H-Blockx played over 200 gigs together.

In 1995 two fateful things happened to Marco: His band "Illegal Aliens" released their first CD "The Golden Dolphine", and he started to endorse Meinl Cymbals.

Marco kept on composing and recording his own music and consequently his band "Illegal Aliens" released their album "Red Alibis" in 1997, followed by "The Green Mindbomb" and "Time" in 1998. Marco played numerous Meinl Clinic Tours all over Germany, including the International Frankfurt Musikmesse in the years 1998/1999/2000. His popularity increased rapidly and soon he became one of Europe's hottest and most gifted new drummers.

In 1999 Marco got invited to play the prestigious Modern Drummer Festival in New Jersey, USA and the Montreal Drum Festival in Canada. In the same year he hit the road together with guitar player Paul Gilbert and bass player Doug Wimbish to perform at several Sam Ash chainstores all over the USA. Consequently he got voted #4 in Modern Drummer's 1999 readers poll section "up and coming drummer".

In 2000 Marco again released two of his own CD's "Comfortably Homeless" and "International Telephone". His Meinl Clinic activities that year lead him to countries such as Netherlands, England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Austria and USA where he played an outstanding performance at the PASIC 2000 in Dallas, TX. Same year he got voted #1 in England's Rhythm magazine readers poll section "Best New Drummer".

More Meinl Clinics were performed 2001 in England he participated at the and the KOSA Percussion Seminar in Rutland, VT. Marco's first book "Extreme Interdependence" has been released in October 2001 by Warner Bros.

Marco's playing can be described as a concept of total four-way-independence. His technique is outstanding and he is versatile in all styles of drumming and music. He lays down a simple and deep pocket just as naturally as a 15/16 fusion groove. Yet he maintains a very musical, tasteful and dynamic approach to his playing and his music. He sets the standard and has taken - and still will take - drumming a step further.