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Josh Freese
* December 25, 1972
United States
Josh Freese was born on Christmas Day, 1972 in Orlando, Florida but has lived in Southern California since he was 6 months old. Having been brought up in a musical family (father conducted the Disneyland Band and mother was a classical pianist) he was surrounded by music from an early age and began playing the drums around the time he was 7 or 8 years old.

Josh Freese started playing professionally at the age of 12 (in a Top 40 band at Disneyland) and starting touring and making records at the age of 15. First with Dweezil Zappa and then the Vandals, pretty much simultaneously. Still a member of the Vandals, Josh has gone on to work with some pretty bitchin' folks in the last 10 years; ranging from Devo to Guns n' Roses, Suicidal Tendencies to Perry Farrell, Paul Westerberg to Chris Cornell, A Perfect Circle to Juliana Hatfield, Mike Ness to 311, etc....he's appeared on close to 100 records.

Aside from being an L.A. studio musician (what he calls his "day job") He's a member of A Perfect Circle, The Vandals, and Devo. He also recently released his first solo record titled "The Notorious One Man Orgy" where he writes, sings, and performs just about everything. He's been hailed "The Bruce Lee Of Drums" and was recently presented with the key to Los Angeles when the Mayor declared July 24th "Josh Freese Day" in Los Angeles.