5 Drummerszone artists - George Kollias

George Kollias
* August 00, 1977
Greece, United States
George Kollias plays drums in Nightfall and Sickening Horror. He joined Nile as well in November 2004, recomended by Derek Roddy.

Born in Korinthos in August 1977, George started playing drums in the age of 12. As a member of a Death Metal band, Extremity Obsession, George started showing his talent on drums really quick, composing songs and write lyrics at the same time.

George Kollias took private lessons from the Greek drum legend Yannis Stavropoulos and he started mixing his Jazz/ Fusion influences with his blazing fast drumming and trying to give another dimension on the classical death metal drumming.

In 1999 George Kollias moved to Athens to work as a professional musician and as a drum teacher. He joined Nightfall and recorded I am Jesus and Lyssa albums taking great reviews, and he started doing drum session for many other bands in the Greek scene. After a couple of years George met two new musicians and they formed Sickening Horror, a brutal Death Metal band playing over the limits of technique and getting incredible reviews from all over the world. Sickening Horror soon became very popular for mixing Death Metal with Jazz and Latin patterns and they took the attention of some of the greater musicians in the worldwide scene. One of them was the drummer Derek Roddy which he recomended him to the legends Nile and soon George was a part of the US band. He moved to the United States and started working with Nile for their forth album which he recorded in December 2004. Annihilation Of The Wicked released in March 2005, it took incredible reviews in all over the world and it brought George Kollias at today's top drummers' list with his inhumanlly speed and creativity.

Today, George Kollias is a world touring drummer, member of Nile and Sickening Horror, playing over the limits every night and in any conditions and showing his dedication and love to his bands and drums. Well known for his passion on drums and for his fire on teaching, George started doing Drum Clinics to help all the new kids in the scene, showing secrets and techniques in a drumming style which speed and endurance are most of the time over the human limits...