5 Drummerszone artists - Morgan Rose

Morgan Rose
* December 13, 1968
United States
Morgan Jay Rose is arguably one of the most intense and hardest hitting rock drummers today. Morgan has a very unique style like none other seen before. At most rock shows, the audience doesn't even look twice at the drummer, while at a Sevendust show you can't keep your eyes off Morgan. He's not only entertaining, but also hypnotic to watch as he swings his arms with sheer power from side to side and from behind his head at every piece of his drumkit.

One minute he's a stiff, animated and robotic like character moving his sticks through the air as if he's Picasso working on a masterpiece, and the next he is swinging the sticks around like he is being attacked by a swarm of killer bees. With all that, Morgan Rose's screaming, spitting and throwing the finger every chance he can.

Sevendust, formed in Atlanta, exploded on the scene with their first 2 singles, "Black" and "Bitch" from their 1997 self-titled debut. Morgan says about this effort:
"I think I played like crap on the first record. It was a real scared, real safe record, and I didn't add much to it because I was more concerned about having a smooth process instead of really enhancing the songs and doing more as a drummer. (...) When we did the first record, we didn't know about the adrenaline rush and how to drive a song. So the songs are like half the tempo of how we play them live. And that damn click was ruling the way I was playing. I was freaked out about holding up the band. But if one guy was off, it totally messed me up. So I'd turn off everyone else in my headphones and just play to the click, from memory, and that ain't right."
Sevendust quickly earned a reputation as being one of the most intense live rock acts going. Sevendust earned more recognition with their follow up, Home. Sevendust hit the road once again with strong radio play behind them for the single "Denial". Winning over audiences world wide by playing nearly 700 shows in a 3 year time period, Sevendust earned themselves a Gold Record (sales in excess of 500,000) for Home. Morgan was then recognized by the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine in which he placed in the Up & Coming category for their annual Readers Poll in 2000.

The band was then featured as one of the main acts on last summer's, "Tattoo the Earth Tour", a tour that brought together some of the biggest names in heavy rock music and tattoo artists in the world.

Sevendust then contributed a new song, "Angel Son" for Straight Up, a tribute album to their close friend Lynn Straight of the band Snot who had been killed in a tragic car accident.

In June 2004 Morgan Rose was honored with the No. 1 Metal Drummer and No. 1 Recorded Performance awards by the Modern Drummer magazine. Toby Wright, who who has laid tape with Alice In Chains and Korn among others, calls Morgan one of the top five drummers he's worked with: "Morgan Rose's very good at taking a verbal idea and bringing it back to his kit. He can play anything with feel and swing. He's not just some stiff white kid who sticks to a 2 and 4. He grooves and plays heavy, and he plays with incredible energy. And you can hear it all on tape."