Sonor Drums
founded: 1875
Sonor was founded in 1875 by Johannes Link, a skilled tanner and wood turner. Surviving two world wars, times of economic depression and political turbulences the company today is one of the leading manufacturers of musical instruments in the world. The two mallets of the Sonor trademark have become a symbol of quality craftsmanship and excellence in sound and design.

In 1875 the manufacture of drums and natural calfskin heads was started in a small workshop in Weienfels/Saale in East Germany. The first major expansion followed in 1888. At the turn of the century Johannes Link already employed a staff of 53 workers. The production program included concert and marching drums, timpani, xylophones, cymbals, triangles and other small percussion instruments. The Sonor trademark was officially registered in 1907 with the Imperial Patent Office in Munich.

After World War II and loosing all property the Link family had to emigrate to the western part of Germany. In the small Westphalian town of Aue a new beginning was made. Under difficult circumstances a new production facility was established. By 1956 the first complete drum catalogue after the war was published.

Sonor instruments made drum history with legendary innovations such as the Signature Series (1984), Hilite (1989), Force (1990), the Designer Series (1993) and the latest introductions Sonic Plus and S Class.

Success, however, is not confined to quality standards alone, It requires the ability to realize quality everyday in international markets. This lead to a strategic expansion of production facilities in order to produce instruments close to the key future markets, such as Asia and to increase Sonors role as a key global player.

In 1997 Sonor startet a joint venture with the Taiwan based KHS Group, wich broadened the basis for Sonors export opporttunities and allows to build a strong foundation for international future succes. The manufacturing of Sonors entrylevel drums and hardware at the JMP factory in Tiajin / China - one of the most modern facilities of its kind - means a mayor step towards this new strategic direction.

In Germany Sonor has restuctured its operations to create an innovative technology and research center. Here, new concepts for worldwide production and marketing are being developed. Instruments that create new standards in music education, in concert and marching percussion and all new drum series are being developed and brought to life in Germany.

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