5 Drummerszone artists - Yoran Vroom

Yoran Vroom
* May 16, 1991
The Netherlands
Yoran Vroom, drummer/percussionist started playing at the age of 2, had his first performance at the age of 5. Yoran had various lessons of Eddy Veldman, Ponda O'bryan, John Engels, Patrick Sedoc and Reno Steba. Currently he's attending the Junior Jazz College, the youth department of the Conservatory in Amsterdam.

His teachers are Gerhard Jeltes, Niek van Wiggen, Nikolai Onken and Edwin Paarlberg. Yoran's current projects are with pianist Ruben Drenthe and Ponda O'bryan, Wulabakan junior percussion.

Yoran also played with: Ali B, Eddy Veldman Allstars Kids, Soul Survivors, Esscher ensemble, U name it, Groove salvation, Ebby Aughton, Mansa Camio, Sega Sidibe, Tropical Steelband kids,

He also worked with the Dutch Urban Divas. working with known dutch singers, such as Hind, Glennnis Grace, Berget Lewis, Dennis, Edsilia Rombley, Sabrina Stark, Karima, Izaline Callister and others.

In 2003 Yoran won the Routes & Routes Talent Price, hosted by Micheal Franti, with his younger brother Yariv. In 2008 Yoran won the Worldmusic concour organised by the Wordlmusic centre in Rotterdam, Holland