founded: 1989
Mapex is the factory brand name for drums made by KHS Manufacturing Company. KHS stands for Kung Hsue She, which means "a company helping schools and culture" .

Mapex is one of only a few drum brands made in its own factory and having its own distribution center in the US. This Distribution and Service Center is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

KHS makes all types of percussion as well as fine band and orchestra instruments. KHS craftspeople possess extraordinary knowledge about how quality sound and functions is produced from all types of wood and metal, including precious metals. The sound quality heard from Honduran rosewood used on marimbas made in KHS factories or from Sterling Silver and 14K Gold used in making artist quality flutes are just two examples of a skill that crosses over to Mapex drums and hardware.

Artists who play Mapex are actively involved in testing new designs and innovations. Their frank comments drive our Research and Development.
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