Istanbul Agop
The name Istanbul Agop Cymbals represents the final and perfect form of a four hundred-year old tradition in Turkey.

The traditional cymbal production that started with church bell manufacturing has continued with the work of our father famous cymbal master Agop Tomurcuk and the company, Istanbul Cymbals that he established in early eighties.

After our father\'s death in 1996, we established Istanbul Agop Cymbals in 1997 to continue his name and memory, as well as the art and the quality of traditional cymbal production. We are present at every stage of cymbal manufacturing, and we supervise the production ourselves. We individually test cymbals that we produce on benches, on anvils and lathes. After completing the tests we sign the cymbals with Sarkis and Arman names, and place them on the shelves. Because the traditional making of the cymbals requires all these steps, only after they are completed that the Istanbul Agop Cymbals become ready to be sold.

Another specialty of Istanbul Agop Cymbals is that, the cymbals are produced using the knowledge of experienced drummers, and expert cymbal masters. Many famous musicians who can\'t find the particular tone in machine made cymbals prefer our handmade Istanbul Agop Cymbals, which enables them to use different tones while creating their music. We also accept custom cymbal orders from our special customers who look for a particular sound and tone. The perfect and the unique sound of the Istanbul Agop Cymbals represents our drive towards quality, and the four hundred-year-old traditional ways that we apply to our products.