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* December 2, 1954
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biography Was introduced to the drums watching TV late fifties/early sixties and got lessons from local jazz drummer Alex Ross when I was about ten - then put together a wee band of friends in 1966. Did not play again until 1982 when I bought a very old mash-up of a kit and got the bug again - played till 1993 when I had to sell my kit as band had split up and I went off in a golf direction...but was seduced by a Yamaha electronic kit again in 2009 as well as the band re-starting. Now am a very proud owner of three fantastic kits - a 2013 3 piece Gretsch Brooklyn with a Tama maple snare, a 1976 four piece Premier Elite with a Premier HiFi snare and a 1978 5 piece Tama Swingstar kit ( which I bought s/h in the eighties, sold to upgrade and was amazingly reunited with in 2012 - still in good order) various assorted cymbals which seems to be added to quite regularly....and now experimenting with a hybrid kit Roland TM-2 using loops, Garageband etc.

My day job for the past forty years or so has been a photographer and I run my own Studio here in the Highlands of Scotland.

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