5 Drummerszone artists - Derek Roddy

Derek Roddy
* August 28, 1972
United States
Some who play drums focus on speed, some on fills or solos. At the heart of a true musician there is: a drive to better oneself, the will of control your playing and eagerness to explore and sometimes expand the boundaries in music.

In a world full of new bands and drummers popping up every day there are only a handful that stand at the top, apart from the flock. These top musicians vary from genre to genre, at least at first glance. In reality the sign of a great musician and not just a 'player' is the ability to progress, adapt, innovate and explore as many avenues as possible to express their message and as such while some great musicians are well known and at the top of a certain genre they also delve into other styles of music and actively listen to the nuances and more often then not they incorporate something of that differing style into their performance, no matter how small the contribution may be. This is the case with Derek Roddy. Having had an interest in music from an early age Derek came to first be a fan of music before heading headstrong into the world of being a musician.

While capable of playing many instruments and styles, Derek Roddy is most widely known as a phenomenal drummer in the Death Metal community having performed with such bands as: Hate Eternal, Malevolent Creation, Nile, Divine Empire, Aurora Borealis and Council Of The Fallen.

This is, however not the extent of his talent. Derek Roddy is an avid drummer of any style and has performed as a strictly Jazz, Blues, Rock and nearly anything else musician.