The Evolution of Blast Beats
Method / Educational - book + CD 2007
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The Evolution of Blast Beats offers an in-depth look at the drumming of today's extreme metal music such as speed metal, grindcore, and death metal. Drummers, teachers, and students will learn the history and evolution of this underground style originating from the European skank beat and evolving into a variety of blast beats found in today's hardcore metal scene.

Also learn to play detailed blast variations along with the essential drumming techniques needed to develop and execute these high-speed patterns. Variations of Traditional Blasts, Bomb Blasts, Hyper Blasts, and Freehand Blasts are all explored in detail. The audio CD includes many recorded examples, exercises, play-along tracks, and groove loops for practice.

Derek Roddy, well known in the metal communities for his extreme speed and endurance, has received critical acclaim for his playing and musical approach outside the metal world. Looking beyond the blast beat, these drum lessons will also help improve your drumming core via balance and breathing exercises crucial for all styles of playing in a musical context.

In addition, you will increase the speed of your hands and feet while improving your coordination and stamina through detailed exercises designed to inspire, not discourage. As a bonus, Derek includes three original play-along tracks mixed with and without drums, accompanied by detailed transcriptions and simplified charts with which you can jam.

The Evolution of Blast Beats Book/CD Features:
  • Blasting patterns and essential metal drumming techniques
  • Bomb blasts, hyper blasts, freehand blasts and freehand blast variations
  • Speed, coordination endurance and independence exercises
  • Balance and breathing exercises for all styles of playing
  • 3 extreme metal play-alongs with charts and transcriptions
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