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Matt Byrne
United States
Matt Byrne was the initial drummer in New York's metalcore act All Out War. After he deciced to leave, he was replaced by Jesse Sutherland.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get with certain people? Well, when Matt Byrne first joined Hatebreed in 1998, that feeling just wasnt there. We didnt get along, says the drummer. We didnt click. So Byrne left the ferocious metal-core band the following year and went back to college to become an elementary school teacher.

But it turns out that no grudges were held between the two parties. In fact, Byrne was invited to drum for Hatebreed again in 2001, during the bands Ozzfest run. And by the following year, it was official: Byrne was back in the band and recording their pulverizing second album, "Perseverance". On the sophomore album "The Rise Of Brutality" the drumming is even more out-front and in-your-face.

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