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Brooks Wackerman
* February 15, 1977
United States
Brooks Wackerman (born Tuesday, February 15, 1977) is the younger brother of Chad Wackerman (a session drummer who once played with Frank Zappa) and John Wackerman. He played under the direction of his father Chuck Wackerman in the Los Alamitos High School Jazz Band from 1991 to 1995 and also in middle school.

Brooks Wackerman started learning the drums before he could walk. His older brothers sat him behind the drum kit to teach him the basics of drumming.

At age seven Brooks began studying with Chuck Flores and Murray Spivack (who were also his father Chuck Wackerman's and brother's teachers).

When Brooks turned twelve he joined his first professional rock band aptly named Bad 4 Good, a band of young musicians who released their debut on Interscope Records and was greatly successful. After that project ended he was asked to join Infectious Grooves, which led to becoming a member of Suicidal Tendencies, as well as sharing drum duties with longtime friend Josh Freese for the Orange County based punk icons The Vandals.

He has recorded and toured extensively with these bands and has done numerous sessions for jingles, soundtracks and many other various artists.

In 1997 Brooks formed his own band appropriately named Hot Potty, in which he writes, sings, drums and plays guitar. Brooks has released two albums with his band (Self-titled and "One Step Closer to Broadway").

Brooks Wackerman replaced Bad Religion's drummer Bobby Schayer in 2001. The latter had to quit because of severe injuries.

Brooks played drums for the Vandals album, Look What I Almost Stepped In... (released in 2000). He is the first-choice substitute for Vandals drummer Josh Freese, due to Freese's commitments with groups such as A Perfect Circle and Devo, to name a few.

Wackerman is also the frontman for Hot Potty and is currently drumming on Tenacious D's 2006-2007 Tour.