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Phil Varone
* October 15, 1967
United States
Drummer Phil Varone played in reemerged Skid Row after Charlie Mills had to step down as drummer in July, 2000 due to financial problems so that he could be there for his family.

Phil Varone, previously from Saigon Kick, took over on drums but left the group for "personal reasons" January 2004 and was replaced by Orlando, Florida native Tim DiDuro.

Only for a short time however, since Varone quickly returned at the end of February, dismissing DiDuro.

After wide reports of drug abuse, Phil Varone left the band in 2004 again and was replaced by current drummer Dave Gara.

Phil Varone also played in Prunella Scales, and briefly played with Vince Neil, along with his former Saigon Kick touring bandmate Jeff Blando.

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