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Manifested in 1986, Skid Row first began as a songwriting partnership between Dave "The Snake" Sabo and Rachel Bolan. After a year of swapping coplementary song ideas," as Rachel put it, the guys put together Skid Row's final line up in the fall of 1987.

For Scotti Hill, becoming a member of the rock band was inevitable. Having jammed with Bolan in a previous band and also landing a job at the Garden State Music store where Bolan has hanging out made him perfect for the role as Skid Row's second riff thrasher.

Another Skid Row co-founder, Dave Sabo, who had been employed by a Garden State Music store, was looking for the right people to form a band. He was already in process of songwriting with Rachel Bolan. Dave has been infuenced by Kiss and his guitar hero was Ace Frehley.

"I went to the store with a bunch of dollar bills, rolls of quarters and pennies, and I said 'I need that Guitar." This spunky young pup picked up his new Ibanez Iceman, went home and stood in front of the mirror for few hours each day, played his nine chords, and saw Ace Frehley or Paul Stanley for a reflection. Dave Sabo was soon learned how to write a song or ten, before deciding it was time to set up his own band.

Since Rob Affuso and Dave knew each other from times before, it was an easy choce as who would take the Skid's stool. Rob's heavy banging talents are natural for Skid Row's non-bullshit edge. Rob has been trying to get into the band by following Dave and calling him constantly. Finally Rob came to the studio and jammed on "Midnight Tornado". After, Rachel and Dave looked at each other and asked him: "Do you want to be in the band?"

With the rest of the band set, the quest for the ultimate frontman had began. Nine months later, Sebastian "Bach" Bierk flew in from Toronto after Skids sent him a tape. In the business, a match-up like Sebastian Bach,a frontman with a talent, energy, balls bravado, and, most importantly, chemistry. A front man who would breathe, eat, sleep, and shit Skid Row! The business, and Skid Row is known as SCORE! COUP! MIRACLE! Bands with attitude of Skid Row don´t grow on trees, and neither do people like Baz!

Born in the Bahamas and raised in Peterborough, Canada before moving to Toronto, Canada, 'Baz' Bach remembers with typical flair how the first meetings went!

When he heard "Youth Gone Wild", he knew it had been written for him to sing. They jelled as a band right away. It was like missing pieces; they had been looking for each other. We got along, and that was the important thing.

Skid Row did their first gig together as a band, on Jan 1st, 1988 in ROCK 'N ROLL HEAVEN, a small, no more exsisting rock club in Toronto, Canada.
That place had a Skid Row history in itself!

"Worked out" is an understatement. Ah c'mon, you all know just what it did: five million in U.S sales, while international fever ran high whenever the Skids hit another country. Top 10 singles, magazine poll-winners, cover stars - - Skid Row took on the world and won.

Skid Row' 89" went quadruple platinum world-wide!

That left them with the task of a follow-up album "Slave to The Grind", the first album to debut at #1 in three years on Billboard, is another example of their commitment and attitude to the perfection of ballsy music. The band crancked out successful jams such as, Monkey Business," QuickSand Jesus",Wasted Time" and Slave to the grind", a song which speaks out on the evil's of becoming a slave to the system. That song is about being tired of everyday's life. If you allow your self to be a slave to the system, then you're fucked. Slave to the grind sold more than four million units world-wide and they headlined in over 20 countries.

Touring all 1989, opening for Bon Jovi in US then for Motley Crue in Europe, Skid Row has proved that they werent another follow up rock band but had their own sound. Skids sometimes took over Aerosmith's shows so when Aerosmith would go on stage they'd get booed with people yelling: Skid Row, Skid Row, Skid Row! Skids had killed lots of bands they had opened for. Slave to the grind tour was the longest tour in a history of Skid Row.
18 Fucking months of hotel rooms went just unbelievable great for the guys!

Skid Row had played all kinds of different festivals around the world including two biggest ones, "DONINGTON" in 1992, opening for Iron Maiden and Rio De Janeiro "Rock in Rio". Around 100.000 people had attended the show. Thats pretty much how many fans Kiss had on their last make up date in Rio in 1983. Before ending their 18 month world tour, Skids have played last 6 months in USA with Pantera opening!

Skids took about two years off to have some fun and to write their next disk which is called Subhuman Race". The album is a masterpiece with different variety of styles and sounds. Sound ranges from Pantera's to Kiss', from Alice In Chains' to even some hardcorish Biohazard type of thing! White Zombie and Metallica riffs also present.

Their commercial approach had been transformed into an abrasive and uncompromising barrage of metallic rock 'n' roll, delivered with punk-like arrogance.

Afterwards, however, progress was halted by squabbling that broke the band apart following 1994's desultory Subhuman Race.

On the Subhuman Race tour Skid Row were opening for Van Halen U.S dates and it went really great. Guys were playing outdoor amphitheatres, and packing large clubs and smaller arenas on their days off.

Despite Skid Row's success Sebastian Bach embarked on a solo career and creative differences arose which eventually led to the end of the lineup as we knew it.

Early in 2000 Skid Row returned to the scene minus lead vocalist Sebastian Bach and drummer Rob Affuso.

They reemerged with a new lead vocalist, Johnny Solinger formerly of Solinger, and drummer Charlie Mills.

Charlie Mills had to step down as drummer in July, 2000 due to financial problems so that he could be there for his family. Phil Varone, from Saigon Kick, took over on drums.

As for the present of Skid Row they returned in 2003 with an impressive string of projects including a long-awaited studio album 'Thickskin,' a documentary DVD about the making of the album and a fully packed summer tour schedule with Poison and Vince Neil and headlining shows.

Vocalist Johnny Solinger, guitarist Snake Sabo, guitarist Scotti Hill, bass guitarist Rachel Bolan and drummer Phil Varone are still thrilled with 'Thickskin,' a DVD released independently in the United States on SKID ROW RECORDS summer 2003. Bolan:
"'Thickskin' has been two years in the making. We're very excited about this, especially since it's the first Skid Row record for Johnny and Phil. It took a long time to record due to the fact that we had to do it in short bursts because we were touring a lot the past several years. We were on the road with Kiss and then we did the Rock Never Stops tour last summer.

We were writing while we were on the road, and then when there was a tour break we'd write some more and then record. It required a lot of hard work. It was kind of like learning to drive in the middle of a demolition derby!"
Skid Row kept working on the new songs that the songwriting core of Bolan and Sabo composed, and even debuted some of them live.

At the end of 2003 Skid Row joined rock icons Def Leppard on the German swing of their European tour in November which also included a show in Switzerland. Then the band headed off to the UK to do some headlining dates. It was Skid Rows first return to Europe in over 7 years.
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