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Thank goodness for slow-moving buses headed for Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was on such a vehicle that Cody Marks first realized she wanted to follow a career in music. As she rode away from her Miami roots, a fellow passenger placed headphones on top of Cody's ears. Aerosmith's "You See Me Crying" poured into Cody's body: She never looked back and she never did make it to Chattanooga.

Hollywood became Cody's destination, and with little more than sixty bucks and a guitar she formed Honey House. This band became her "college years," where she educated herself in all aspects of music creation, including teaching herself how to write and play music. Some things you just can't learn: owning the stage came natural.

Quickly, Honey House became an LA favorite, selling out at the most popular venues of the time. They even became the house band at "Coconut Teaser" just before it closed. Sensing a need to evolve, Cody made the difficult decision to disband Honey House and center on a solo career.

Gaining attention in the industry, Cody appeared as a singer/songwriter on music-driven pilots for USA Network. Next, Cody's soulful sound and sharp wit landed her on Brian Grazer's Hollywood Hills, a reality show for VH1. Following her years-old instinct, Cody once again headed to Tennessee—this time going the distance all the way to Nashville, where she struck up collaborations with well-respected songwriters such as Bobby Pinson and Daryl Burgess. Given the creative force behind her, Cody was inspired and from this inspiration her exacting sound emerged as a rich blend of Janis Joplin and Johnny Cash.

Though she could have stayed forever, Cody returned to Los Angeles to supervise music on the film Guy in Row Five. Returning to the stage in the City of Angels, She will be at The Roxy September 15, 2006, at The Mint October 11, 2006, and at Winston’s in San Diego October 12, 2006. Her first record will be done in the Summer, stay tuned!
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