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Vincent Paul "Vinnie Paul" Abbott
* March 11, 1964 † June 22, 2018
United States
With "Cowboys from Hell", Vincent Paul Abbott, better known as Vinnie Paul, shook the world with a new breed of rock: Pantera. It was heavy, it was aggressive, and it was really mean.

With his fast, furious and totally loud drumming, Vinnie is the ideal player to power this raw and raucous band from Dallas, Texas. Storming across the world with "Vulgar Display of Power", "Great Southern Trendkill", and "Reinventing the Steel" the bad boys from the south blasted out their saga, while Far Beyond Driven became the first metal music album to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts.

Success bred confidence, and Vinnie soon expanded his role to include producing. But ultimately this man with the sledgehammer hands and pneumatic feet is a wicked drummer. A very wicked drummer!

Not only did you see Vinnie and the rest of Pantera featured on the Ozzfest 2000 tour but you can catch them on tour supporting their new release. In addition to his Pantera duties, Vinnie has been busy with side projects such as Gasoline, Rebel To Rebel, and most recently New Found Power. You can always count on witnessing some of metal's most dangerous drumming from this fast-footed Texan.

Vinnie Paul also joined Black Label Society on stage several times. He played the song "Suicide Messiah" during their performance at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida on April 17, 2005 and Paul had previously jammed with Black Label Society at the 2005 WAAF Indoor Beach Party on April 9, 2005.

On October 13, 2005 Vinnie Paul celebrated vocalist Sammy Hagar's 2005 Birthday Bash by jamming on a couple of Van Halen classics with Sammy.

In February 2006 Vinnie appeard with Disturbed on stage to play the Pantera classic Walk.
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