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This Chicago, Illinois, USA-based nu-metal outfit attracted a great deal of media attention with their March 2000 debut, The Sickness. The band comprises long-time associates Dan Donegan (guitar), Fuzz (bass), Mike Wengren (drums), and the charismatic Dave Draiman (vocals). Draiman, who also suggested the band's name, provided an immediate focal point when he joined the three other members in 1997.

The quartet soon built up a sizeable following on the Chicago rock scene, but national success beckoned when their demo caught the attention of the major Giant Records. The Sickness polished off the rough edges of their demo, leaving a fairly traditional metal sound with the occasional nod to electronica in the style of White Zombie or System Of A Down.

In common with most of their nu-metal contemporaries the band also rattle out a desultory but interesting cover version of an 80s classic, in this case Tears For Fears' "Shout". Believe debuted at number 1 on the Billboard chart in October 2002. Fuzz left the band in November 2003.
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