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Michael Miley
United States
Michael Miley is best known as drummer with Rival Sons. He is a skilled and charismatic sticksman, channelling John Bonham's brute force, Tommy Lee's restless energy and Jeff Porcaro's feel.

In 2012 Michael Miley was voted 'Greatest modern rock/indie drummer in the world' at musicradar.com and on the short list of Rhythm Magazine's Drummer's World Cup.

*i started playing drums when i was four. my dad taught me the basic beat (billy jean, back in black) and told me to listen for it in every song "it's there, in some way or another". one day i heard "In the Air Tonite" by Phil Collins. Never have i been more excited. I told my dad (I was in the back seat; i remember it like yesterday) "THAT'S what i want to do!!" I really, though, wanted to be a Major League Baseball player; i used to sleep with my glove (Go Angels!). The drums kept calling my name. By the 8th grade, i was trying to join the Jazz Band but my bestie Ryan, beat me to the punch. We used to have drum offs. Midway through high school, I quit football (Los Alamitos Griffins!!) and joined the Jazz Band under the direction of Chuck Wackerman. He taught me alot. i had other mentors in those days: Pat Leon (loverman;). Fullerton College awaited me where i toured Australia at 19 with the Jazz Band. All during this time, i was listening to everything from The Doors, to Frank Zappa, to Miles Davis, to EmmyLou Harris, to Merle Haggard, to Jackson Browne, to Toto, Michael Jackson, and Madonna; to name a few (i should mention my affinity for Iron Maiden, Rush, and Metallica). Then Long Beach State called me with their Steel Drum Band and Samba Band under the direction of Dr. Michael Carney. I became obsessed with world music; namely Brazilian (samba batucada, bossa nova, frevo, folklorico, etc). I studied with Chalo Eduardo and was like a sponge, learning everything i could. I eventually began working with him, playing with Santana, Ricky Martin, Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussein, Babatunde Olatunji, David Garibaldi, Giovanni Hidalgo, Los Lobos, and Bruce Hornsby; as well as the procession for Jerry Garcia's memorial in Golden Gate Park (yes, I'm a total Deadhead so it was THE greatest honor).

*After college, i began playing in some local Long Beach bands; Shave, in particular. This is where i learned to ROCK. i came out of my shell in this band. Look them up. Then, i moved to Hollywood to pursue music full time. This is where i met Bird (aka Bernardo Targett - look him up). Him Greg Coates, and me formed Bird3, got signed, made a record with Richard Dashut and Nick Didia. This is around the time i also met Jay Buchanan. I then began a 5-year stint playing with Joe Firstman. We toured extensively for two years and then Joe got the musical director gig for Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC. we did that for a few years. During this time i also toured with Veruca Salt. Louise Post is the best female vocalist of our time; what an honor. Around '05 i met Scott Holiday (through Greg Coates, a long beach hingepin), we decided to jam and form a band. Shortly thereafter i met Robin Everhart at a jazz gig; it was a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina that Issac Hayes put on. We grooved instantly. We formed a band, fronted by Thomas Flowers, and signed to EMI and nothing happened. Scott found Jay on the interwebs and turns out i knew him well; not well enough cuz i thought he'd never join our band. We played together and the Rival Sons were born. It's been nonstop for three years now. We are travelling the world as i write this. Thanks to all the fans making this possible!!!