The 500 Roland TM-6 Pro sample recordings explained With Michael Schack, Kaz Rodriguez and Chris Whitten The 500 Roland TM-6 Pro sample recordings explained - With Michael Schack, Kaz Rodriguez and Chris Whitten This article is about the three artist that created the sounds for the Roland TM-6 Pro. The Roland TM-6 Pro was introduced at NAMM18, and below you find the link and a full video demo of Michael Schack explaining it. Also added are the background stories on the sounds of the TM-6 Pro. Sounds, by the way, that you can alter anyway you want, or even better: upload your own samples and work with those. As Kaz Rodriguez states, it is 'all about the balance between acoustic and electronic drums,' and Roland has its mind set to make just that comfortable for all creative drummers and musicians around the globe.

Michael Schack demos the new Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module
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In the three videos below you learn about the essentials on how to create modern sounds. Three of the Roland company's most creative sound experts have worked on all the samples available. Where Kaz Rodriguez talks about his basics in drum & bass, hiphop and even house, Michael Schack explains why sound skills are also the reason why you can make it into the charts. It is all about creating your own sounds, and how you use them in your musical settings. Chris Whitten took care of the acoustic drum samples and shows how the sounds were produced and recorded.

To create the 500 one-shot samples within the TM-6 Pro, these artists were consulted to create modern, usable and powerful samples.

Chris Whitten
Chris Whitten is a professional recording drummer that has recorded many sessions, appearing on legendary albums and songs including What I Am on the Edie Brickell album 'Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars' and has toured with the likes of Dire Straits and Paul McCartney. Chris' experience in recording drums , as well as the studio expertise of his production partner Peter Henderson, were exactly what the TM-6 Pro demanded for the brand-new acoustic one-shot samples.

In this video, Chris Whitten and Peter Henderson show the range of acoustic drums sampled and recorded in Real World Studios and Rockfield Studios, and how the sounds were produced and recorded. All footage captured during the sampling sessions in summer 2017 in England and Wales, UK.

Chris Whitten - Behind story of creating 500 one-shot samples within the TM-6 Pro

Michael Schack
Michael Schack is a long-time Roland drum artist, who has featured as a sound consultant for many Roland V-Drums modules past and present. As a touring artist with acts such as Netsky, Michael understands the demands and percussion sounds needed for today's modern music genres including dance, EDM, rock and pop music.

In this video, we get an inside view of the sampling session and how acoustic and electronic one-shot samples were produced for the TM-6 Pro module. All samples and footage were recorded in Michael's studio in Antwerp, Belgium in summer 2017.

Michael Schack - Behind the scenes of creating 500 one-shot samples within the TM-6 Pro

Kaz Rodriguez
Kaz Rodriguez is fast becoming one of the most influential modern drummers of our time. His self-produced albums have seen scores of drummers cover his tracks, including Travis Barker, Aaron Spears, Chris Coleman, Gerald Heyward and many more. As a touring drummer, Kaz has performed on major pop tours including Jessie Ware and Disciples.

In this video, Kaz explores the kind of sounds he needs when touring and how his experience inspired him to create sounds and samples for the TM-6 Pro using a mix of conventional sampling and more unconventional production techniques. All samples and footage were recorded in Kaz's personal studio in London, England in summer 2017.

Kaz Rodriguez - Behind the scenes of creating 500 one-shot samples within the TM-6 Pro

"That is how a musical instrument comes alive"
- Michael Schack

The main features of the TM-6 Pro
  • Pre-loaded with 500 one-shot sampled sounds, including tones recorded at world-class studios
  • 268 V-Drums sounds onboard for expressive drum performance
  • 80 ready-to-use drum kits featuring high-quality preloaded sounds, plus natural and expressive V-Drums sounds
  • Original user samples can be imported from SD card to accurately reproduce studio tones onstage
  • Six trigger inputs available for connecting up to 12 triggers or pads when using Y cables
  • Powerful layer function to customise sounds
  • Three Sound Modify knobs for intuitive control of volume, pitch, decay or other effects including MFX and Transient
  • Newly developed Transient effect to effectively control attack and release of drum sounds
  • Independent EQ, Transient effect, Compressor and MFX for each trigger, plus Master Comp and Master EQ for mastering sounds
  • High-speed trigger response faithfully follows your drumming
  • Backing track audio data can be played directly from SD memory
  • Independent volume control for SONG, CLICK and Headphones
  • LED indicators shows status of the triggers, even with the lights down
  • Works as trigger to MIDI convertor with audio interface (8-out/8-in)
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