Michael Schack demos the new Roland TM-6 Pro Full demo Live at Winter NAMM 2018 Michael Schack demos the new Roland TM-6 Pro - Full demo Live at Winter NAMM 2018 Roland introduced the TM-6 Pro Trigger Module at NAMM 2018, and in less than 17 minutes Michael Schack takes you through its most important features in the video below. The functionality of the TM-6 Pro is broad, features many levels and Michael shows you how all the module's functions can support your sound live and in the studio. First, here is Michael Schack's video demo, and below are the main facts and features of the Roland TM-6 Pro that you can have right under your fingertips.

Michael Schack demos the new Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module

Fun facts:
  • both Michael Schack and Karl Rodriguez created the processed and element one-shot sounds for the TM-6 Pro
  • Chris Whitten (Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, Tom Jones) recorded brand-new acoustic samples in Real World and Rockfield studios in the UK, using his collection of rare and vintage acoustic drums.
    Two photos of Chris and his collection of vintage snare drums are added as well.
  • Soon, Roland will be releasing 'behind the scenes' videos from all three of the sampling sessions with Chris Whitten, Michael Schack and Karl Rodriguez
  • These Sampling Sessions will reveal the stories of their samples in the TM-6Pro.

The Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module
The professional way to trigger sounds and complement your acoustic drums onstage

In short, the quote above tells you that with the TM-6, you can layer your acoustic sounds with samples from the module. Those can be the pre-installed samples, or the ones you import into the module.
"That is how a musical instrument comes alive"
- Michael Schack

The TM-6 Pro main features
  • Pre-loaded with 500 one-shot sampled sounds, including tones recorded at world-class studios
  • 268 V-Drums sounds onboard for expressive drum performance
  • 80 ready-to-use drum kits featuring high-quality preloaded sounds, plus natural and expressive V-Drums sounds
  • Original user samples can be imported from SD card to accurately reproduce studio tones onstage
  • Six trigger inputs available for connecting up to 12 triggers or pads when using Y cables
  • Powerful layer function to customise sounds
  • Three Sound Modify knobs for intuitive control of volume, pitch, decay or other effects including MFX and Transient
  • Newly developed Transient effect to effectively control attack and release of drum sounds
  • Independent EQ, Transient effect, Compressor and MFX for each trigger, plus Master Comp and Master EQ for mastering sounds
  • High-speed trigger response faithfully follows your drumming
  • Backing track audio data can be played directly from SD memory
  • Independent volume control for SONG, CLICK and Headphones
  • LED indicators shows status of the triggers, even with the lights down
  • Works as trigger to MIDI convertor with audio interface (8-out/8-in)

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Official Roland TM-6 PRO Trigger Module Videos
Below are three more videos from Roland introducing and how to intergrate the TM-6 with your acoustic drumset. In the video above, Michael Schack shows you how to actually work with the module.

Introducing the Roland TM-6 PRO Trigger Module

Using Roland TM-6 PRO to expand your drum kit

Adding user samples to Roland TM-6 PRO
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