Regal Tip
founded: 1958
United States
In 1958 Joe Calato put a nylon tip on a drumstick, making the most innovative improvement ever in drumstick history. With this invention, not only was Regal Tip born, but it was the beginning of a revolution in drumstick manufacturing, design, and quality. Regal Tip has the distinction of being the first of todays major drumstick companies to have always manufactured all of its own drumsticks, without relying on outside woodworkers to manufacture for them. We were the first company to install our own dry kiln so that we could control the manufacturing process from the kiln drying of the wood, to the matching and pairing of sticks. Joe Calato was also the first to upgrade the quality of the sticks on the market by grading them for straightness of grain, weight, color, and warp, and then match each pair.

Since its beginning Regal Tip has continued to introduce new and innovative products to the world of percussion. In drumsticks alone, our line now includes over 60 models in both wood and nylon tip, manufactured of solid white U.S. Hickory, or Canadian Rock Maple. Regal Tip, which is still owned and operated by the Calato family, has worked along with its stable of artists such as Alex Van Halen, Chester Thompson, Ed Thigpen, Timothy Adams Jr., Curt Bisquera, Lewis Nash, Horacio Hernandez, and Walfredo Reyes to develop many new products, keeping the company on the forefront of stick and percussion accessory design.
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