QSticks are hand-made
QSticks are made from an especially durable, flexible type of wood
QSticks have two hard layers of lacquer which ensure that the sticks last even longer
Personal care and craftsmanship in every pair
QSticks are made by a professional drummer / percussionist who knows what drummers want
QSticks are available in four flashy colours or in original wood
QSticks have a colour mark on top of the stick for quick recognition when using multiple pairs of QSticks
QSticks have four different sounds which add more variety to your playing
QSticks have a strap for adjusting the sound in each stick
QSticks have a perfect grip and balance
The red QSticks have a special triangular grip
QSticks have a rounded top for perfect bounce and stick control. This also protects your drumheads from damaging
QSticks are being used by top drummers and percussionists
QSticks are ideal for playing at a low volume. Consider the neighbours / rehearsal rooms / unplugged sessions