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Felix Lehrmann
Living in Berlin, Felix has become one of the new talents in Germany's drumming scene. With his 21 years of age, he has played live or in the studio with artists like Yvonne Catterfeld, Jeanette Biedermann, Bell Book and Candle, Weather Girls, Afrob and many other top German artists.

Besides his busy schedule, Felix is a member of a new German band by the name of "Rivo Drei" (www.rivodrei.de) and will release their first single and debut album on SONY/BMG later this year. Musically Rivo Drei can be described as a mixture between The Dave Matthews Band, Police and Herbert Groenemeyer with German lyrics. It a refreshingly different approach and will be without a doubt one of the musical highlights in 2006.

In 2011, Felix finally released his first solo-album called Felix Lehrmanns Rimjob a project that he has been dreaming of for many years. Rimjob features several top-class musicians like German jazz virtuoso Torsten Goods on guitar as well as bass player Claus Fischer. While listening to the ten tracks of the album Rimjob it also becomes clear why Lehrmann constantly gains kudos for his playing it is full of power, precision, elegance and creativity.

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