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Ben Koller
United States
Ben Koller plays drums in Los Angeles iconic punk-metal quartet Converge. He replaced original skinsman Damon Bellorado, who left in 1999, and his temporary replacement Jon DiGiorgio. Ben Koller got a drum set for Christmas when he was 13. Koller started playing in bands a couple years later. He took lessons for a few years after he started playing. Koller:
"I did a lot of stuff that I probably never would have done on my own like jazz, salsa, Latin, etc. Also all the nerdy stuff like rudiments and reading music."
During high-school he played in a lot of after-school band programs. Ben Koller:
"Let's see if I can name them all off. Jazz band, elite jazz band, concert band, pep band and a Blues Brothers cover band. I also took guitar class. (...)I learned how to read music and sight-read, I learned from other drummers, built some amazing friendships, built up my chops, learned to play with other musicians (not just guitarists but brass, woodwinds, etc.), learned dynamics (although I always played way too loud), and kept my sanity by having a break from the monotony of the rest of school."
Asked for his favourite drummers, Ben reveils:
"Some drummers that I dig are Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, Descendents), Danny Carey (Tool), Dave Lombardo, Bonzo (John Bonham, Led Zeppelin), etc. There's so many, it would be impossible to try and list them all."
Ben does not use triggers with Converge. He never played double bass before coming into the band, and he probably wouldn't have if the old songs didn't call for it. In fact, Koller puts in a lot of jazz bits and timing changes. Koller:
"Ever since I started playing in bands I have grown accustomed to playing non-4/4 rhythms, so it just comes naturally."
During 2003 Ben Koller assumed drumming duties for a Boston band called The Cignal, recording the band's first full-length album.

In July 2005 Koller joined Cave In, after their original drummer John-Robert Connors decided to depart.
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