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Kevin Talley
* May 21, 1979
United States
Kevin Talley was born and raised in San Antonio Texas, he quit his first metal band Deity and moved to Maryland to join Dying Fetus in 1997.

After recording his first full-length album with Dying Fetus, Talley played his first full U.S. tour for Suffocation in May of 1998. He continued in Dying Fetus until April, 2001 and then formed Misery Index with other former members of Dying Fetus.

Following the recording of the band's second EP in March of 2002, vocalist/guitarist Mike Harrison and drummer Kevin Talley left the band to pursue other projects. Talley was replaced by Matt Byers (ex-Severed Head).

Says the drummer:
"While recording and jamming in other various bands, I was able to audition with Slayer at their rehearsal studio in March 2002 before Dave Lombardo rejoined full time. I rejoined Misery Index for a while then played in Chimaira for about a year and a half."
When Byers decided to part ways with Misery Index in March 2004, Talley returned for the upcoming shows until permanent replacement was found.

Talley's successor came in July 2004 in the person of Adam Jarvis, previously from All Will Fall. Talley moved on to join Chimaira.

Talley is now on tour with The Red Chord for several months.