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Chimaira, which takes its unique name from a mythological beast comprised of several disparate animals, has established a solid, dedicated, and vast fan base with 1999's This Present Darkness (East Coast Empire) and 2001's Roadrunner Records' debut, Pass Out Of Existence.

With its blood-boiling album The Impossibility Of Reason, Chimaira is postured to set a standard: The New Wave Of American Heavy Metal (NWOAHM). As any metal historian/critic/fan is well aware of, the 80's saw the invasion of British metal acts, Iron Maiden and Venom among them, deemed the "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" or "NWOBHM."

Chimaira leads the charge of NWOAHM on domestic shores, armed with an unflappable work ethic. In a few short years of existence, Chimaira has shared billing with many acknowledged acts. These include but are not limited to Napalm Death, Hatebreed, Soulfly, Taproot and Snapcase. A touring machine, Chimaira has hit the road with Slayer, Fear Factory, Machine Head, and Danzig. In addition to these great support slots, the band has also struck out on its own headlining tours, where the six-piece possessed the blue-collar wherewithal to support itself.

It's Chimaira's metal vision that has won Slayer's Kerry King over to Chimaira's side. King has espoused the virtues of Chimaira in national magazines such as Guitar World. King is notorious for his criticisms of many "newer" metal bands, but he has championed Chimaira. Ultimately, there is no better endorsement for the NWOAHM movement than Kerry King. With its old-school stylings and head-banging flair, it easy to understand why metal fans across the globe would be drawn to Chimaira's music. The band's sound is uniquely their own, yet it pays homage to those metal giants that came before them, drawing up the blueprint for the NWOAMHM.

In July 2004 drummer Richard Evensand is replaced by former Misery Index drummer Kevin Talley.
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