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Hector Tico "The Hitman" Torres
* October 07, 1953
United States
Tico was born in NY city, but grew up in Iselin, New Jersey. He has a Cuban descent and can also speak Spanish. And besides, "Torres" is a Spanish name.

As a young jazz fan, studying with Joe Morello, Tico never could have imagined the success that would come his way. Even before he joined with Jon Bon Jovi in 1983, Tico had a successful career as a drummer. His studio and live experience with Frankie and the Knockouts, Pat Benatar, Chuck Berry, Cher, Alice Cooper, Miles Davis and Stevie Nicks helped to establish him as a first call player. Totally he had worked on 26 albums.

Tico Torres walks to the beat of a different drum. As a world class musician, internationally recognized for his gift and talent, he has over the past years expanded his artistic endeavors to the world of fine arts.

His aspirations as a painter are as ambitious as those as Tico the musician. Compounded by his feelings that there are fewer limitations in the visual arts world, Torres says he has the freedom to explore his feelings on canvas.

Tico Torres has been developing his skills as a fine artist since childhood. His growing body of work continues to receive notice of collectors and the art press. Whether sketching while on tour with his band, Bon Jovi, or painting in his New Jersey studio or home in Florida, Ticos inspiration comes from life experiences.

Born to Cuban parents, Torres lived in Varadero, Cuba, where lie was surrounded by sights, sounds, history, and heritage. In his work, Tico delights in sharing the places that he has seen and the people that he has met. Torres paintings have received positive, critical review resulting in important exhibitions, both national and international. Torres most recent focus has been on sculpture.

From his earlier works to his most recent works, including a startling, colorful mlange of lithographic and ceramics, Torres contrasting styles demonstrate a fury of vast diversity of undeniable artistic achievement, indicating every element of a creative artist.
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