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It was 1962 in New Jersey and it born a baby named Jon Bongiovi. His father Frank Bongiovi and his mother Carol Sharkey. He decide to leave the school to do what he wanted: music. With his friend David Bryan, did his band called "Atlantic City Expressway", they didnt have their own songs but did songs of others and had a lot of success.

But Jon wasn't sure that he wanted to dedicate his life to music, so he went to live to New York with a cousin that had a recording studio. There in New York he met Queen, David Bowie, Rolling Stones.. Jon learned much about them. In that time he wrote the song "Runaway", song that tape in the minutes when he was alone, he sent that tape to a radio station that included his song in a CD of new groups.

In july of 1983, hed signed with Polygram who said to him, that he had the freedom to chose the members of his new group. Jon chose: to use his friend David Bryan, Richie Sambora in the guitar, Alec John Such in the bass and Tico Torres.

His first CD went out on January 21, 1984 with the name of "Bon Jovi" in which apear the single "Runaway", and it was a sucess like a group of rock.

In 1985 put out the album "7800 Degrees Farhenheit", but this album had not too much success so they worked on the third album. In that year Bon Jovi put out "Cinderella" and do a tour together.

In summer of 1986 appeared the CD "Slippery When Wet"

In 1987 Bon Jovi received an American Music Award and MTV of Best Band of the Year.

On August of 1988 they put out the CD "New Jersey". The tour of that CD was so long that the relationship between them deteriorated.

But in 1992 they came back to tape the CD "Keep the Faith" and with this CD sold 10 millione copies and had more fans.

In 1995 put out the CD "Cross Road" in that time Alec left the group and a new bassist entered: Huey McDonald. In spring of that year they finished the new CD: "These days" but it came out summer of that year.

On may 2000, after 4 years of absence they put out the CD "Crush" with a single that hit in all the world: "It's My Life".

In 2002 they put out the CD "Bounce" and singles like "Everyday" and "Misunderstood".

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