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Stephan Maass
* June 22, 1967
Stephan Maass was born june, 22nd 1967 in Bad Homburg, Germany. Since 1982 Stephan Maass has occupied himself with all aspects and areas of percussion instruments. In 1984 he won the second place at the drummer meeting in koblenz in the percussionist newcomer competition. Stephan started to work as a professionel musician in 1989. Over the past 25 years he has become one of the busiest live and studio musicians in Austria and Germany, participating in over 700 recordings and countless film productions (TV and movie) as a musician and/or music producer. Stephan Maass received numerous gold and platinum awards, as well as other awards (e.g. the austrian Amadeus award for best national pop-production 2005 for georg danzers album Persnlich as producer). Stephan covers a wide musical range from Jazz productions such as Colin Towns and NDR-Bigband via Austropop like Austria 3, Rainhard Fendrich and EAV to electronic acts like Kruder & Dorfmeister. As a producer he has worked for record companies such as Universal and Sony BMG and as a percussionist played drumclinics and drumfestivals (e.g. Superdrumming 2008,2013 and Meinl Drumfestival 2006,2008) as a meinlpercussion endorser (with a.o.Benny Greb, Ralf Gustke, Jojo Mayer etc). Stephan has got features in several drummagazines (e.g. drums&percussion, sticks, idrummag).

He has held the position of professor for percussion at the Anton Bruckner Privat university Linz/Austria since 2007.

Stephan has toured regularly since the early 90's and is developing musical concepts for theatre, dance theatre and film music (Universum-Film, Formula 1,Red Bull Media House).

Stephan endorses meinlpercussion instruments, meinl cymbals and beyerdynamic microphones and headphones

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