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Dave Abbruzzese
* May 17, 1968
United States
Dave Abbruzzese was born on May 17, 1968. He grew up in Texas banging on his dad's tackle boxes in the early days. He dropped out of high school at an early age and began to focus on playing more than ever. Along the way he formed a band with his buddies called Dr. Tongue.

In 1991 Dave Dave Abbruzzese got a call from drummer friend Matt Chamberlain, whom Dave knew through the Texas music scene, in regards to filling in for him in the band Pearl Jam when he left. Chamberlain had his eyes set on G.E. Smith's band on Saturday Night Live. Dave left for Seattle to meet and become acquainted with Pearl Jam. Although his musical tastes were far diverse from Pearl Jam, Dave chose to fill the hot seat behind a DW drum kit on August 23, 1991.

Dave played with Pearl Jam through April 17, 1994, playing on both the Vs. and Vitalogy albums, as well as performing on MTV's Unplugged, two Saturday Night Live shows, the 'Even Flow' video, as well as extensive touring for both the "Ten" and "Vs." albums.

The ferocity of his playing, and the big size of his sound were key elements in the sonic power that rocketed Pearl Jam's VS album to global multi-platinum status. On the strength of that album alone David Abbruzzese was assured a place in rock history and in the hearts of drummers around the world.

Although Dave performed on the Pearl Jam album "Vitalogy," he was fired before it was released. After his departure from Pearl Jam, David Abbruzzese ventured into a number of projects of interest, including the all-star In From the Storm Hendrix tribute disc and a long-term recording venture with The Green Romance Orchestra before immersing himself in production. An exciting and personable player, David Abbruzzese inspired a whole generation to get into drumming and the 'Seattle Sound'.

On September 30, 1997 Dave's newly formed band, the Green Romance Orchestra, released "Play Parts I & V." The album saw Dave bringing his own songs to the drawing board, as well as playing the role of a producer. "Play Parts I & V," is a release of Free Association Records, which was formed by Dave in 1996.

Currently Dave Abbruzzese is working with HairyApesBMX, along with Mike Dillon on vibraphone, percussion and drummings, and John Speice on drums and percussion as well. Abbruzzese also took care of mixing, producing and engineering their album entitled, "Insane Dreams." Dave also helped them behind his drum kit on their upcoming Midwestern tour, as well as a possible European tour to follow.
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