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Thomas Holmen
Drummer Thomas Holmen is a very busy guy. As guardian of the groove for Danish pop-rock sensations Infernal, Holmen spends his days on the road, cranking a powerful backbeat for one of Denmark’s most popular bands. “Infernal is a very popular live act because of the energy and the performance and the mix between acoustic and electronic sounds,” says Holmen. “We play almost every festival in Denmark during the summer months, as well as gigs in Germany, Poland, UK, and other parts of Scandinavia. We do some club gigs in Italy and France, and we’re shooting videos in Paris, New York, and Miami.”

Of course, Holmen doesn’t sit idle between tours; he stays busy on other projects and maintains a full schedule of students and drum clinics across Denmark. He played a tour last summer with DJ Kato, one of Denmark’s most well-known DJs, and recently did some tracks with Snoop Dogg.
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