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Adam Mark贸
* January 26, 1982
Having started playing drums at the age of four, Adam grew up in a musical family and graduated at the K鮞醤ya Music Studio which is one of the biggest universities of jazz/rock music in Hungary whereby his band Special Providence were formed.

Having an approach, by putting music as a priority over virtosistic individualism, allows the band to represent a unique music, a mixture of the modern jazz, progressive-rock-metal, electronic styles in a new light. They are undoubtedly a band highly recommended, with their huge dynamic stage presence and aura for any listener to digest. Special Providence have performed at the London Jazz Festival in 2009, at the Crescendo and ProgSud in 2010 and countless other gigs in Europe and South America.

Besides his own band, Adam is one of the best employed session drummers in Hungary able to take on various styles from hip-hop across pop to metal. The musical diversity and individuality in music are the two keystones in his playing and his music.
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