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Jean-Pierre "JP" Bouvet
United States
Jean-Pierre Didier Bouvet's life behind the drum set began at 9 years old. Raised by musical parents, him and his siblings were always encouraged to sing in church, play in the school band, and in his case, take up the drums. JP started lessons at Schmitt Music from a teacher who is one of his biggest inspirations to this day, with whom he took lessons from for 7 years.

Wade Linkert taught Jean-Pierre Bouvet how to be not just be a drummer, but an artist, a musician. With him, he learned to appreciate all genres of music, and his playing from the beginning became very well rounded. He was pushed and encouraged to take the topics (the seed) and let them grow in his own playing, leading to his own combinations, techniques, and, in turn, his own style. It's this mindset that lead him to become the eclectic drummer he is today.

In 6th grade, it was at Schmitt music that he found a drummer and bassist wanted ad posted on the bulletin board by a kid named Mike Linden. After a phone call and an audition with his mom playing bass, JP, a 6th grader at the time, joined Mike (his current roommate at Berklee) in Y?, and thus began a long lasting relationship, and the beginning of his performing career. This progressive rock trio lasted for 6 years. In 2006, they were nominated for Teen Artist/Group of the Year by the Minnesota Music Academy. The band won 8 first places finishes in battle of the bands throughout Minnesota.

Throughout high school, JP Bouvet slowly started to make it known that he was to be taken very seriously as a drummer. JP played in talent shows, battle of the bands, music festivals, rock venues, restaurants, weddings, and private parties. In the summer of 2008, He started fusion quintet, The Penguins. With JP's knack for managing and booking, and an immense amount of young talent in the group, these basement Real Book jams quickly flourished into a busy, professional band recognized by several newspapers for their talent. The Penguins' popularity continued to snowball as they gigged heavily in festivals, rented venues, jazz clubs, weddings, and parties. The group broke up when three of the members (including JP) left for Boston to study music. Mike Linden is still a good friend, bandmate, roommate, and business partner.

By junior and senior year of high school, JP Bouvet had been gigging heavily and developing quite a name for himself in the Twin Cities. The word was spreading that JP was a talented, reliable, solid drummer. Through recommendations by Minnesotan jazz heavy, Jason Price, Paula Lammers invited JP to join her nine-piece, vocal-lead, big band. Soon after, JP was asked to join the popular, Christian, 16-piece Good News Big Band, and was accepted into the Minnesota Youth Jazz Band. It wasn't long before JP started receiving calls to play around Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan with more widely known groups like the Minnesota Jazz Orchestra, Nova Band, Beasley Big Band, and Girl Singers of the Hit Parade. JP was also playing a couple musicals per year with Chameleon Community Theatre and, in the summer of 2008, JP organized, directed, and drummed in the 12-person Soarin' Eagle Big Band for his Eagle Scout project. JP Bouvet's eye's were opened when he left all these group to attend Berklee College of Music. In the beginning, trying to play for every single aspiring freshmen trying to start a new band, his personal and musical maturity grew exponentially. For the first time in his life, he was surrounded by other hardworking, inspiring drummers. Matt Garstka, Yaahn Hunter Jr., and Frank Fluker lived on his floor of the dorms that year and changed his life. The inspiration he felt was immeasurable and he spent hours upon hours in the practice room every day. He was taking leaps and bounds every month and his head was constantly being filled with new ideas. Perhaps without knowing so, Matt Garskta served as JP Bouvet's mentor and role model in those first few semesters and played a large part in inspiring the work ethic JP is known for to this day.

Those close to JP believe he is the busiest, most hardworking student in Berklee. He receives comments frequently asking him how he does it all... how he gets through several rehearsals per day, sometimes 8 hours of rehearsal on weekends, several performances and recordings weekly with artists in and outside of Berklee, and school work in various subjects. It isn't uncommon for JP to leave after a gig heading for a rehearsal with someone else for a show the next day. A typical week might include, learning a punk band's full album to sub in for two shows, odd meter jazz ensemble, an audition for the Perfect Pitch Show band, designing a friend's website in time for the BAS submission date, programming pop drums on an MP&E sound-a-like project, playing drums for other people's ratings auditions, and making it on time to rehearse with Helicopria and The Super Pilots with enthusiasm, all while maintaining his place on the dean's list.

When he is not behind the kit, JP is working hard to become better, more diversified writer. He has been learning the piano and bass and is taking classes in arranging and jingle writing, as well as writing for his fusion group. He has also taken several classes in music business and business management. These are applicable to his musical career, but they also give him guidance in running the company he started with long time friend, Mike Linden. Corkboard Software and Design specializes in websites for artists and has helped numerous Berklee students increase their visibility and online personality.

JP Bouvet is one of the hardest working students at Berklee. He is constantly challenging himself, learning new things, mastering his craft, and expanding his horizons. The future holds great things for JP Bouvet.
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