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Florian Alexandru-Zorn
* August 22, 1984
Florian Alexandru-Zorn is a full-time instructor, musician and author. He is specialized in brush playing, world music and jazz.

Florian was born in August 1984 and began starting playing the drums at the age of 8 at a local traditional german drumcorp. At the age of nine he got his first modern drum lessons.

Florian Alexandru-Zorn's musical career he startet first with some progressive Rock Bands for example "Concrete Floor". Since the age of 18 he toured with Romuald Erenc (one of the most renowned jazz and classical guitarplayers in poland) and his band through Poland and Germany.

Other prjects he plays with are: Jazz Quadrat (Jazz/World), Christoph Neuhaus Quintett(Jazz), Ken Kenay (Hip Hop). He worked with the European Masterclass Big Band which is conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer.

Florian Alexandru-Zorn has done many workshops and clinics for his brush book "Die Kunst des Besenspiels" (that means the art of brush playing) and works as a workshop author for German drum magazine Sticks.
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