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Jimmy Pallagrosi
Jimmy Pallagrosi started with musical theory and playing piano at age six, with his uncle Alfonse Alfano. At age nine, his parents offered Himmy his first drums for Christmas. About a year later Jimmy started to study at the Big Bang, a music school directed by Jackie Gamino.

Jimmy Pallagrosi met Philippe Geoffroy during a training in Plagne (Joe Porcaro, Dom Famularo, Robin Dimaggio, Gilles Choir) and soon after went ot his school of Progressive Drums. At the same time he picked up traditional percussion with Philippe 'Max' Boisson at the conservatory of St Etienne.

Only fifteen years onld, Jimmy Pallagrosi played with many groups including Calcium, Jewtoo, and Atesphea He dropped out of college the next year to follow an intensive program at Progressive Drums School (from which he graduated), followed by a study at the conservatory at age seventeen.

Along with his buddy Julien Gopp, Jimmy Pallagrosi formed drum duo Tic & Toc. He started the band Oxylum TriO (also featuring Gatan Verrier and Julien Mathias) at age eighteen.

Jimmed has quit the conservatory, but currently plays many shows with Oxylum, and the hiphop band Dialect. Plus Jimmy goes to London regularly to work with Pete Zeldman and Paul Eliott.
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