Rick Latham video interview: "Go back to the basics" Groove master announces his new dvd for 2009 Rick Latham was one of the clinicians during the Adams Drumworldfestival on September 14, 2008. The author of one of the most famous methods ever performed with a local bass player to show his Funky grooves and styles that made him the authority Doctor of Funk Drumming. His methods are probably most taught in drum schools around the planet. Reason enough for Drummerszone.com to talk about his books, how these have changed his life, his current activities in music, and his major new release for 2009!

In the video interview with this article Rick talks openly about his musical history, about how he was influenced by Buddy Rich and Louie Bellson ('It was all Jazz in those days'). But there is even more good news: Rick also announced his new DVD 'All about the Groove', to be released in 2009. Currently he is finishing the project in co-operation with DW, expected for release in the first quarter of next year.

A selection of Rick's releases
  • Advanced Funk Studies
  • Groove Doctors
  • Live and Loaded (Live at The Baked Potato) - sound samples available behind the link of the album below this article
  • Advanced Funk Studies / Contemporary Drumset Techniques
    This 25th Anniversary edition DVD contains the full-length original videos of Advanced Funk Studies as well as Contemporary Drumset Techniques all in one package
  • Contemporary Drum Set Techniques (Book with 4 Audio CD's)
  • Coming in 2009: 'All about the Groove' (DVD)

You can watch the video interview with Rick under the MEDIA-tab with this article. In a few weeks you will find more video's of Nick on Drummerszone.com performing at the Drumworld festival 2008.

Rick endorses: DW Drums, Evans Drum Heads, K&K Drum Triggers, Pro-Mark Drum Sticks, Istanbul (Mehmet) Cymbals, Pintech Electronics, Realfeel Practice Pads, and Sennheiser Microphones.

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