Adam Tuminaro demos the Meinl Extreme Metal Big Bell Ride 18" Classics Custom brutally loud and intense Adam Tuminaro demos the Meinl Extreme Metal Big Bell Ride Meinl's Extreme Metal Big Bell Ride is probably showcased at next week's NAMM Musikmesse, taking place 13-16 September 2018 in Moscow, Russia. Our Drunmmerszone friend Adam Taminaro already demoed all the new 2018 Meinl cymbals at the Los Angeles Winter NAMM in January this year. Watch his demo and presentation of the Meinl 'Extreme Metal Big Bell Ride' below, as well as all the other 11(!) cymbals he demoed on video. This bell, or cymbell if you wish, is one of a kind for metal drummers.

Classics Custom Extreme Metal
That is the official category that this cymbal is listed in. But the ping and the cut it has can be used in many musical settings. As an effect cymbal, it can also add serious level to your scope of sounds.

Meinl describes this cymbal as brutally loud and intense, but this ride with its oversized bell is an instrument that can be used as a cut through leading rhythm instrument, but it can serve many other sound purposes as well. The sampling opportunities of this cymbals' clear and direct feedback and projection can very well be used in many other musical settings that need an extreme touch or a good sampled and twisted effect sound.

Meinl 18" Classics Custom Extreme Metal Big Bell Ride
We added the studio sound of the official Meinl product video at the end as well.

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Official specs Byzance Brilliant 18" Heavy Hammered Crash
  • Size: 18"
  • Type: Ride
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Material: B8 Bronze
  • Finish: Traditional
  • Production Method: Pressure Point Technology & Computerzied Hammering
  • Lathe: None
  • Made in: Germany
  • Timbre: Bright
  • Character: Explosive, Cutting
  • Pitch: High
  • Volume: High
  • Sustain: Medium to Long
  • Styles: Metal, Rock, Pop, Fusion, Studio
  • Price-range: Medium
  • UPC: 842960100105

The Orlando Drummer
The Orlando Drummer - Adam Tuminaro
We asked Orlando Drummer Adam Tuminaro to host our Meinl Cymbals videos at NAMM 2018, and he did a perfect job: in twelve videos, he takes you through all the new from Meinl that the company officially launched during annual the trade show in California. This is the last Meinl cymbals video Adam hosted.

Adam Tuminaro is a drum teacher from Baltimore, MD and has over 80 hours of drum lessons on his website is a growing collection of educational videos for drummers. You'll find hundreds of Adam's Lessons, Practice Loops, Interviews, and other videos. A new Lesson and Loop are added to the website every Saturday.

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