aFrame percussion jam at NAMM 2017 ATV's Electro-Organic Percussion and drum demo aFrame percussion jam at NAMM 2017 - ATV's Electro-Organic Percussion and drum demo ATV's aFrame is one stunning instrument that makes you really have to find your way with it when playing it. That is ok, because it is different in size, sound, shape and therefore new musicality. Playing it opens new worlds in effects, sounds and gives a feeling of total control that is quite the task to acquire. Later, we get back on the ATV aD5 drum module, which is a silent but rising star and an affordable drum module in the electronic drum market.

ATV's aFrame
With every new instrument, like the Korg Wavedrum or Zoom's ARQ, the instrument requires skills you have to learn. When knowing about groove and sounds, you will get the grasp of the aFrame as soon as you get your hands on it.

And your hands are the key, because this is not a traditional frame drum. ATV's aFrame reacts on every touch on the polycarbonate playing surface or rim, even with the slightest fingernail brush. You can bend sounds, or choke or tap them to make grooves or effects, just like the demo video shows. In essence it is just learning to groove on another surface, even with sticks if you want.

Developed by Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi and ATV, the aFrame has a 2-piezo pickup system that reproduces every nuance of the player's touch. The DSP engine with 80 Tone presets simply gives a universe in world percussion sounds. Ikutaro Kakehashi, who died April 1st 2017, was a Japanese engineer and the founder of Japanese companies Ace Tone, Roland Corporation and ATV Corporation. He was involved in developing many instruments including the Roland TR-808.

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NAMM demo ATV aFrame
The audio from the NAMM floor in this demo is recorded at the trade show's floor. The fun playing it exceeds the sound level you hear and it shows the many possibilities for percussionists that are looking for new sounds and sound scapes, playing options and groove experiences. The drums you hear are from a aD5 drum module.

aFrame specs
  • Official name: ATV aFrame Electro-organic Percussion Instrument
  • New world percussion sounds
  • Bend and choke notes in real time
  • Quantize pitches to custom musical scales
  • 80 included presets are a goldmine of creative textures
  • Additional user-defined sounds can be backed up to a microSD card
  • Dual microphones offer an immersive stereo experience
  • 2 piezo pickups captures the full nuance of the player's touch
  • Frame is lightweight and renewable bamboo
  • Polycarbonate playing surface
  • Sounds come from front, back, frame, or playing surface
  • Headphone output
  • Stereo TS outputs
  • AC adapter included
  • Pricing, based on Sweetwater's website, is around $1,599.00.

aFrame Short Documentary
With Pete Lockett, Karl Vanden Bossche and Pedro Martins.

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