Pete Lockett and Chalo Eduardo demo Remo percussion Playing the Pandurello tambourine and new Remo Drum Table Pete Lockett and Chalo Eduardo play the newest Remo Percussion instruments in four videos. Both the Pandurello tambourine and the Remo Drum Table are played by these two icons. Remo has two new major tambourines that have a beat that really cuts a groove. In the first video Pete Lockett plays the new Drum Tables with tunable Skyndeep graphic drumheads with a black finish. They measure 30" and 22". The other videos have Chalo Eduardo and Pete playing the Pandurello. We noticed the tempos of Pete and Chalo matched, so the last video has both Chalo and Pete playing the Pandurello.

Italian Tamburellos
Also new are the Remo Tamburello's. The Tamburello comes in two models: a pretuned and a key-tuned version. The pretuned version has a fixed Skyndeep drumhead and the tunable version has a replaceable Skyndeep drumhead with a Mylar underlay ring that adds bass to the sound. Both models are 12" x 2.5", with a Goat Brown graphic drumhead. The shells are made of Acousticon that is 100% recycled wood fiber, finished with a dark brown antique stain. Both have a double row of chrome jingle sets.
The Tamburello Calabria is the most ancient instrument of the Calabrian musical tradition. Its origin can be traced back to the sixth century BC thanks to a depiction found on an earthenware jar typical in Calabria during that period of the Magna Graecia civilization. Magna Graecia, (Latin meaning "Great Greece"), refers to the coastal areas of southern Italy along the Tarentine Gulf extensively colonized by Greek settlers.

The Pandurello also comes with a Mylar underlay ring for better bass tone. This tambourine has a single row combination of standard and conical jingles. It is a hybrid instrument influenced by the popular tambourine drumming styles from Brazil and Calabria in Southern Italy.
Also made from Acousticon and comes with a replaceable Skyndeep graphic drumhead. The finish is a dark brown, wood grain antique stain.

Drum Table
The new Remo Drum Table is available in 30" or 22" diameter and has a Tunable Skyndeep graphic drumhead. The 22" table has a little lighter tilt stand, but both are adjustable in height. The drumhead has a black finish and tuning wrenches are included with the drums.
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