The 2014 Remo products in videos and photos From silent to stadium size sounds Providing the highest standard is the absolute minimum for the Remo company with every product they launch. The new Silent Strokes are the perfect example for creating such new, and probably the standard for mesh heads on the market soon. The new Ebony heads are tasteful, and first reactions on the new drumheads were diverse. It is always best to decide for yourself when it comes to drumheads. So check all the videos below from Remo featuring the 2014 products. Also included are the videos of Remo's press conference at NAMM 2014. Pete Lockett, Oscar Seaton and the City of Refuge gospel choir from LA demo the new from Remo for 2014.

Included here with the new Remo products are the official Remo videos, and several artist demos. The drummerszone videos feature the showcases of the instruments at the Remo press conference at NAMM 2014.

Emporer Ebony
As said, these heads got a diverse response. When playing them, and getting the feel and response, you find this is a drumhead that is quite clear, unique and offers lots of possibilities in live and recording settings.

The new Emperor Ebony heads have:
  • two-plies of 7.5-mil Ebony® and 7-mil clear film
  • provides durability, warmth, volume and clarity
  • with focused mid-range tones
  • maximum stick articulation.
  • and are available in sizes 8" to 18"

Remo video Emperor Ebony

Emperor Ebony - Gil Sharone

Emperor Ebony - Dan Trapp

Emperor Ebony - Eric Hernandez (Bruno Mars)
Eric Hernandez of Bruno Mars talks about playing the new Emperor Ebony drumhead

Silentstroke drumheads are ideal for silent drumming applications where standard drum-set volumes are an issue. The single ply mesh material features a soft spring like feel at very low decibel levels. Offered in snare, tom and bass sizes, Silentstroke Drumheads provide a unique practice alternative to standard acoustic drum volumes.

The available sizes for the Silentstroke are: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 inch.

Versa drums
Pete Lockett demos the new Versa drums in two videos. These two feature Pete playin the Versa Tubanos, as well as the djembes and the new timbaus. The Versa Tubabos come with the pre-tuned NSL heads and pre-tuned Skyndeep Fiberskyn Graphic heads. The djembes and timbaus only come with the pre-tuned Skyndeep Fiberskyn Graphic heads.

Gospel Church Tambourines
Remo’s Gospel Church tambourine is tuned to a midrange pitch that cuts through any choir or music ensemble and features the Skyndeep graphics. It is manufactured with the patented Skyndeep graphic drumhead that is fixed to Remo’s lightweight Acousticon drum shells.

The Gospel Church Tambourine is 10"x2", has double row jingles, a handgrip and an Antique finish. The Skyndeep graphics are available in Crosswind Sand and Crosswind Blue.

Powermax 2 in White and Ebony
The Powermax 2 are marching bass drumheads that feature two-plies of mylar film for added articulation, durability, and tone control. It includes a pre installed free floating muffling ring and Controlled Sound dot underneath for optimum sound, projection, and tone control. You can put the rings straight on the drum, without any glue or any other fuss that often come with muffling rings.
The Powermax 2 is available in the sizes 14" up to 32".

Remo video Powermax 2

Riverside City College demoing the Powermax 2

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