Drum Guru app now also available for Android Drum lessons on Android 4.0 phones available Previously on the iOS platform only, the Drum Guru app is now also available for Android. Now, Android 4.0 users can access the same instruction packs on their phones.

About the app
Drum Guru is an app that offers drum lesson 'packs' taught by world's leading drummers demonstrating great grooves, fills, and sharing other techniques and insights.

Each lesson pack features a 'lesson mode' and 'practice mode'.

To get you started, Drum Guru includes a pack of free lessons. Additional packs are available for purchase from within the app, and generally cost $3.99 or $4.99.

Teaching pros include artists like Steve Smith, Steve Gadd, George Kollias, Russ Miller, George "Spanky" McCurdy, Mike Mangini and Mike Portnoy among others.

The latest lesson pack revolves around the ins and outs of the revered 'Gladstone Technique', taught by one of Billy Gladstone's actual former students, Morris "Arnie" Lang.

Creator Rob Wallis explains that Drum Guru for Android was developed in response to all the drummers from around the world who asked for an Android version of the app. Says Rob:
"We set our developers to work. The result is now available in Google Play. Let us know what you think. Stay tuned for a lot more lesson packs and thank you for your support."

You can download Drum Guru from the Google Play store.

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