Youth Percussion Pool voted Ensemble of the Year Video at Tromp Percussion 2012 On June 10th, 2013 the Youth Percussion Pool (YPP) was awarded Ensemble of the Year in the poll for Musician of the Year 2012 in the Gala Concert at Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia.

The Youth Percussion Pool is a unique international educational and performance event that serves as a platform and place to meet other musicians, exchange ideas and together to create exciting new programs. It was created in 2009 by the marimba / percussion artist Tatiana Koleva, internationally renown as solo and ensemble performer, educator and program maker.

The performances of the Youth Percussion Pool include a large variety of percussion instruments and are presented theatrically with humor and virtuosity; the programs combine in unique way the traditional instruments of Asia, Africa, Bulgaria, and Mexico with the newest forms and compositions.

The Youth Percussion Pool had players from The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Portugal and Germany.

Youth Percussion Pool 2012
Alejandro Coello Calvo, Coen Dijkstra, Edwin van der Wolf, Gabriele Petracco, Georgi Tsenov, Laura Trompetter, Lina Morkunaite, Martin Hafizi, Renato Peneda, Robin Eggers, Romeo Cimarosti, Ruben Martinez Orio, Ruud Noordhof, Simon Haakmeester, Tomi Emilov, Velislav Godzhunov, Yves Popov.

Christian Dierstein, Emmanuel Séjourné, Joeke Hoekstra, and special guest Frank Epstein.

The last year has been really exciting for YPP with various projects and performances, world premieres and collaborations with leading musicians and festivals.

The coming season promises more challenges, adventures and collaborations for the Percussion Pool, with works by Lou Harrison, Steve Reich, Emil Tabakov, Jacob ter Veldhuis, John Cage, Ron Ford, Roumen Boyadjiev Jr, Louis Andriessen and more.
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