Roland TD-17 tutorial #4 - recording, practicing and tempos Study at your preferred tempo Record, practice and learn tempos with the Roland TD-17 #TD17.7 Roland could not imagine the instant success of the TD-17 V-Drums the company introduced on May 8 at their headquarters in Los Angeles. Many thousands of these drums have been sold since then, and here is our last TD-17 tutorial with Michael Schack demonstrating one of the most versatile e-drum kits out there. Covering the topics of recording, practicing and playing round with tempos, he shows you how easy the module lets you do just that in your own tempo.

Scrolling down, you find Jules Tabberer-Stewart and Murai Takahiro from Roland explaining all the new and improved features on the hardware level of the TD-17.

Study, Record or Play Along
In all our previous articles (which you find listed below the video) you learn you can do virtually everything with the TD-17, from sound creation, sample importing, layering and much more. The features most used with the TD-17 are probably recording, practicing and playing along with songs.

After showing how to record and loop your drums, Michael demos how easy you can study with the built in metronome.

You can select tempos while playing, and even change your drum kits while playing and the pulse is keeping you in time. Or when you are playing songs from the internal memory, you still have to option to speed them up or slow them down. This is one of the coolest options for practicing, because you can set your preferred tempo to study or play along with your favorite music at your own pace.

Roland TD-17 - recording, practicing and tempo tutorial

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The Roland TD-17 series
Here are the three models of the TD-17. Click here for all the specs and details of the kits.
  • TD-17K-L
    the light, beginning TD-17 model, and the cheapest of the three. It comes with the TD-17-L sound module. A somewhat stripped version of the TD-17 module.
    Roland TD-17 - TD-17K-L, the light, beginning TD-17 model

  • TD-17KV
    the middle model
    Roland TD-17 - the TD-17KV, the middle model

  • TD-17KVX - the Deluxe version
    This version includes the VH-10 V-Hi-Hat stand.
    Roland TD-17 - TD-17KVX

The new TD-17 series in one image
  • (click to enlarge for details)
    Roland TD-17 - the new V-Drums kits explained

Roland TD-17 - the new V-Drums kits explained
In this video, Jules Tabberer-Stewart and Murai Takahiro provide you with a full rundown of the TD-17 KV and the two other kits. Jules is Global Marketing Strategy Manager with Roland, and Murai is the main guy behind the development of the TD-17 and the TD-50.

More new in V-Drums!
The TD-17 series also feature three other new items: the PDX-12 snare pad, a brand new KD-10 kick pad and the VH-10 V-Hi-Hat.

VH-10 V-Hi-Hat
Only with the TD-17KVX, the VH-10 V-Hi-Hat mounts on an acoustic hi-hat stand. It has advanced triggering and continuously detects on open/close movement and bow/edge sounds.

KD-10 kick pad
The new KD-10 has a noise-reducing design, that you instantly hear. Best thing though: it can be used with any kick pedal or dual pedals.

PDX-12 snare pad
The snare drum of the kit. It has a dual mesh head and 12-inch playing surface. The height of the hoop is close to an acoustic hoop, which makes playing it much easier because the angle of the stick is like that on a regular snare. You can also - like with all the pads - adjust the tension of the head.

About Michael Schack
Michael Schack live with Netsky
Currently, Michael is besides the drummer of Netsky (live) and a solo #sMashUp DJDrummer also a Roland V-Drums artist/demonstrator for 25 years and teacher at We'd like to highlight a record of SquarElectric, a joint venture of Michael Schack and Steve Pittoors. This is a ridiculous, hardcore drum & dance adventure with such powerful songs, killer samples and a musical highlight of creativity. And it includes a cool contribution of Global Drumming Ambassador Dom Famularo.

Michael has performed on all the major world wide Drum Festivals, and just recently gave a duo performance with Anne-Marie's Roland-drummer Oli Wiseman at The London Drum Show 2018.
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